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    HD Live 4D

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  • God's Blessings Before and After

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  • 110" screen ~ Invite up to 10 guests!

    110" screen ~ Invite up to 10 guests!

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Life Transforming!Ordinary to Extraordinary!God's Blessings Before and After110

InfantSee4D Ultrasound in Fairfax, VA
Now Offering HD Live 4D!

The only 3D 4D location in Northern Virginia that can accommodate up to 10 guests.
Bring the whole family to enjoy our 110" viewing screen and HDLive™ 4D ultrasound!

About HDLIVE™ 4D by InfantSee4D

Your child’s life begins at conception and thus the visual memories of your child should too. Previously, taking and recording high quality visual images of your baby in the womb was limited to the capacity of the technology available. InfantSee4D has now acquired the most advanced imaging technology available in GE’s Voluson E8 imaging platform that incorporates the full power of High Definition or HD imaging. This technology leveraged through this platform is delivered through the Voluson E8’s dynamic rendering engine technology called HDlive™. HDlive™ accurately enhances your baby’s anatomical realism, provides real-world depth perception and can provide your first glimpse of what your baby looks like.

Furthermore, Voluson E8 utilizes rendering technology referred to as Volume SRI that reduces the phenomenon of speckle that can erode image quality sometimes found in traditional 2 and 3D ultrasound images.

InfantSee4D has managed to bring the full benefit of true HD imaging through HDlive™ to you for just a $50 HD upgrade to our regular imaging packages. By comparison, the HDlive™ 4D images of your baby will mean that you can bring your baby home long before he or she is born!

*image clarity of HDlive™ 4D is always better than traditional ultrasound imaging but all ultrasound imaging is affected by factors such as baby positioning, placenta location, obstructions such as hand in front of the face and similar phenomena that block visual acuity of the baby’s physical features.

InfantSee4D is proudly considered the best in 3D/4D ultrasound among the VA, MD, DC & WV areas.

From 3D/4D’s inception, we have provided tens of thousands of expectant families the unique and priceless opportunity of seeing their unborn baby in remarkable detail. InfantSee4D is most recognized for best customer service reviews, highly proficient technicians in 3D/4D imaging (producing unparalleled before & after comparison images), and continually investing in the safest, most cutting edge, state of the art equipment.

This combination holds us to the highest level of standards, ensuring safety, along with a name that is trusted and preferred by our industry’s professionals. Not all 3D/4D ultrasound systems are considered equal. Staying one step ahead of the rest, we remain at the forefront. Words alone cannot express the jubilation this treasured experience will bring to you. Watch in amazement and gleam with happiness as your blessed miracle begins to suck on their fingers and toes, yawn, twist and turn, respond to your voice and even smile.

Trusted, Recommended and Respected! Mommy & Daddy, Come See Me at InfantSee4D!

Tremendous Tuesday
Tremendous Tuesday

Special pricing from 10am-2pm on Tuesdays only! Hurry, we’re booking fast!

2D Gender $50 or $99
2D Gender $50 or $99

Early gender at 14+ weeks! Prepay for your future 3D/4D package and your 14+ week gender session will be discounted by $50!

The $175 Special
The $175 Special

Generally purchased for babies under 26 weeks since 15 min is limited time OR simply to get a glimpse at what baby is doing live with 3D/4D technology.
(15 minutes)

Platinum Pkg $249
Platinum Pkg $249

BEST SPRING DEAL! Best for 26+ wks OR if you are entertaining guests. CD, DVD, Video, Pix. 2nd visit HALF PRICE.
(30 minutes)

  • Our competitors are really no competition at all.

    The photos below are of the same baby scanned only 24 hours apart. Unsatisfied with their photos, these parents came to us. You can clearly see that the quality of our imaging and the equipment we use is by far better than anyone in the industry.
    See for Yourself

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    theirs - vs - ours
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