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PregnantSEE Gives Back to the Community by Offering Free Ultrasounds to Girls Contemplating Abortion

Often times life does not always go as planned. Things may occur that are beyond our control and require making tough choices. Sometimes needing to resolve matters quickly, haste can lead people to making decisions that may seem right at the moment, but can cause anxiety, pain and regret after the quick fix has seemed to hide what is at the surface. The truth is answers do not come easy and decisions can take many paths with entirely different outcomes. You may need direction and you feel as though everyone is pulling you all different ways, making you even more confused about which path to take. It always seems the right decision is the one your heart drives you toward. We know any path you will take will have consequence and certain struggles and require soul searching, but we also believe that, an informed decision is an easier decision to deal with.

Our goal at PregnantSEE is to offer a chance to see what cannot be seen or felt, to be identified, to be noticed, to be heard, to reach out from obscurity and be recognized. We want nothing more, than to make an introduction, and offer another perspective, somewhat more powerful than words or threats or conventional responses, but to bridge a connection to you, from within.

Cara and MariaI was going through a very dark time during my pregnancy. When I first found out I was pregnant, the father of the baby begged me to have an abortion. I knew that was not something I could do, and decided to keep my baby even though I was terrified of doing it alone. My baby’s father ended up leaving me, and saying he wanted nothing to do with his child. When I first came to InfantSee for the gender reveal, it was the best moment of my life leading up to that point and seeing my little boy assured me I had made the right decision. As the weeks of my pregnancy went on I became very depressed, felt incredibly alone, and was under constant stress and fear of bringing my baby boy into this world as a single mom. I reached out to Maria and shared some of my story and immediately her positive spirit impacted me. It’s hard for me to put into words how she totally changed my perspective and outlook on my pregnancy but she did. I felt like I had a friend in her with her encouraging words and the hope she instilled in me even before I met her in person. What she gave me was a gift that I can never repay in bringing me in so I could see my baby at a point when I was feeling so low. Seeing my baby at 30 weeks in 4D was life-changing and attitude changing. It put everything into perspective, it renewed my sense of purpose and I was overcome with joy and in awe seeing the little miracle growing inside me. Maria’s kindness and encouraging words and this experience will carry me through the rest of my pregnancy and beyond. It is incredibly comforting to me to know I can look at my son’s images whenever I want and remind me I am far from alone. Maria never once made me feel uncomfortable or judged as I often have felt being single and pregnant, but instead reminded me of my courage and that I am strong and I don’t need anyone else but me to provide my baby with all the love that he needs. I have a renewed sense of faith in the journey that I am on, I am blessed with a healthy baby boy on the way, and I cannot wait for the next chapter of my life as I enter motherhood. Maria, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly an angel and my gratitude for your generosity, support, and the love that you showed me cannot be put into words.


20141118_115531 I’m really happy I found this place that gave me a free ultrasound and want to thank Maria for everything. I went in there nervous and confused but Maria made me feel comfortable and happy about my pregnancy. I found out I was 8 weeks pregnant when I went in, now I’m with my son who is 3 months old and so happy to be his mom. Thanks again Maria :)

Well around this time last year I met a woman who inspired me. Someone who made it feel as if it were possible to make it and who gave me confidence in myself. If it weren’t for you Maria I wouldn’t have Mylee. And I wouldn’t be where I am today.  You were the difference and the blessing that helped. One phone call that changed my life forever.
Korinne A.

An Important Message from Ryan Bomberger

Ryan has a unique perspective of the innate nature of Purpose.  His biological mother was raped yet courageously chose to go through 9 months of pregnancy, choosing to give him Life. He was adopted as a baby and grew up in a loving, multi-racial family of 15, which gave him a great appreciation for diversity. Ten of the thirteen children were adopted in this remarkable family. He was once considered “black and unwanted” but instead was adopted and loved.  Today he is happily married, an adoptive father, and blessed with 4 amazing children.

Ryan is an Emmy® Award-winning Creative Professional who has made an unexpected impact in the pro-life movement with the bold billboard/web campaign.  He and his wife, Bethany, co-founded The Radiance Foundation – a life affirming organization.

To whom it may concern: I wanted to take a moment to write about my (and my husband’s) experience on Tuesday at your office. We found your office to be very nice (even the bathrooms) and very professional with state of the art technology. Our technician, Maria was amazing. She had the most positive demeanor and explained what we were looking at during every frame. What Maria didn’t know is that, I never planned on being a mother. I have had a hard time dealing with being pregnant. Maria’s excitement about what the baby was doing was contagious. After we left our appointment I felt excited. Later that day I felt even more excited. By the following day I realized that I am now VERY excited and looking forward to meeting this baby. Maria (along with your technology) helped me see that I have a real precious life growing within me and for that, I am thankful.

Sometimes people touch your lives without them ever knowing it and I wanted to write to let whomever reads this know what a great experience we had.

I would most definitely recommend your services to other and appreciate the opportunity you offer on Tuesdays to make it a little more affordable (because becoming a parent causes a lot of financial anxiety).
InfantSee 4D Customer

Hi Maria, My name is Gabriella . I’ve been meaning to reach out to you for months now and hope you still remember me. I went in with my 2 friends to get a sonogram with you when I was about 8 weeks. It was a different experience and seeing the baby did change my mind . You really helped me as a person as well. I want to say T hank You and update you . I have decided to keep my baby and am now am almost 20 weeks:) I have also finally told my parents and family and they are all going to be there to support me. Things are looking up and I’m happy about it now. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for a LIFE TRANSFORMING session !! :)

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