PregnantSEE is celebrating over 12 years of service in Northern Virginia and provides expectant mothers the unique experience of seeing their growing baby in the womb in remarkable and astonishing detail with NEW 5D aka HDLIVE4D, High Definition state of the art 3D/4D Ultrasound technology. What separates them from the pack and makes them truly special is the overall experience taken to another level. This is not your ordinary clinical ultrasound experience, where your scan is performed for the doctors review and seems a bit detached. The difference lies in the details. The approach. The concentration on you, the mother, the dad, the family. It’s more like being on a safari, with a tour guide taking you through every step, while the scenery jumps out at you on a giant 110″ projection screen and everything is being explained as it happens. The black and white, turns colorful, the movements of the baby clear and understandable as if looking through a glass window. You become immersed, more connected, more involved. You can see your baby smile, frown, twist and turn, reach for cord, suckle its toes and open its eyes responding to your voice. Furthermore, your surroundings are not simple and uninviting, but plush and comfortable, at every turn a screen allowing you to settle in and immediately get cozy, letting all inhibitions and nervousness just kind of ooze on out of you and make its way out the door, leaving you relaxed and less anxious. The technicians are engaging and move you through the experience, making it an unforgettable moment, where bridges are crossed, connections are made, and smiles and happiness are the central focus of a precious moment to last forever.

Maria2015Maria launched PregnantSEE in 2005 and was the first to introduce 3D/4D and now 5D technology to the Northern Va area. Over a decade later and having scanned tens of thousands of babies, and seeing mothers return 3 , 4 and even 5 times over as their families expand, Maria and PregnantSEE have become a fixture in the community, a homestead to pregnant and expecting families excited to view their babies, knowing that excitement will be reciprocated right back. Her philosophy is simple, as a mother of five young children herself , she knows the trials and tribulations of pregnancy through its various phases, the highs and lows, the excitement, the worry, the obscure nature it presents, and through a genuine undeniable love of her work and dedication, her success is seeing joy in others. Her desire to always be a leader and ambassador to a community of pregnant women throughout, has taken her business model from nuts to bolts and her need to succeed, making good on her American dream, and turning it into a reality.

Maria is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral and Social Sciences. After college she was scouted and landed a job in the banking system, and quickly ascended up to a VP position with Suntrust. It was during this time she cultivated her skills and expertise in business but found it unfulfilling and felt the need to go back to the roots and foundations of her education concentrating on and expanding in Community Health with an emphasis on women and children and the unborn. She then decided to enter a career studying in Obstetric sonography as the unborn became a greater passion. With a degree of luck and good timing, she had discovered the newest technologies available (3D/4D) and decided that would be her exciting route and concentration of study. Her decision paid off and her life changing career choice now touches the lives of so many people in a positive way. She is member of the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and the ARDMS. She has actively provided community service for local pregnancy crisis centers throughout the Tri state areas and has provided free and discounted ultrasounds for the lower income communities throughout her tenure. She says,
“It all ties together for me, I was born to do exactly this. God has granted me the blessing to not only do what I love, but love what I do! Words alone cannot express the jubilation this treasured experience brings to me, as the technician, being a part of this mother and child’s bonding journey. It’s never one thing to focus on, even after 10 years it NEVER gets boring or repetitive, it’s a culmination of things to always keep me involved and interested. New people, new pregnancies, new technologies, constant changes and challenges.”

She beams and prides herself on her level of compassion, dedication, and the feedback and testimonials of her customers and the pregnant women she befriends. You’ll often hear her declare this was her calling and that working with the unborn is a true blessing, bringing her great joy and appreciation. Those who know and work with her will agree in acknowledgment. It’s not hard to recognize, and if you’re ever in her presence, you’ll see her delight and bear witness too, she loves what she does, and you will love it too!

As Seen in Your Health Magazine

Do you want to see what your baby will look like before he or she is even born? Maria Christopoulos, CEO of Infantsee4D Ultrasound/ writes about new 3D and 4D ultrasound technology in her article published in the Arlington/Fairfax August edition on Women’s Health. Read it here: