Alenah Tsutras – Award Winning Voice Talent

I heard about InfantSee 4D from a friend. He had told me that they were great, and I should definitely go there over anywhere else. Boy was he right!!! They were AWESOME!! Maria was our tech, and not only was she EXTREMELY knowledgeable, she was VERY sweet, enthusiastic, fun, and very much prepared for our visit. My husband has 2 sons already, so she knew how anxious we were to get proof that our baby was a little girl, since our doctor’s office could not give us a 100 % guarantee, so the first picture she showed us, was the gender guarantee! Sure enough! A baby girl! That started off the excitement right away:) The room was not only super clean, but it was ADORABLE. It was set up like a bedroom, with beautiful bedding, candles, pictures, a huge sofa for our family to sit and be comfortable, and a big theatre screen to watch the live video on. They allow up to 8 people in the room, which was awesome because our boys got to see their little sister stick out her tongue, SMILE, suck on the umbilical chord, bring her little foot to her face, and so many other amazing movements. And my father in law got to witness his first granddaughter bouncing around in mama’s belly! He was thrilled to pieces! The clarity of the video was better than any other one I had ever seen from any other place. You could see every little finger and toe, and every adorable feature of her face. What an awesome awesome moment for all of us to share. We got one of their most popular packages, which was worth every penny. She gave us teddy bears for our boys, a little tape recorder in the shape of a heart with her heartbeat on it, color and black and white pictures, and a video to capture the beautiful things we had just seen forever. Thank you InfantSee 4D for such an incredible memory!!!!