Angie Indiero Westfall

theirsvsourcomparison2Thank you very much Maria !! Yes the ultrasound on the left was taken on friday sadly at a place in Fairfax also. My daughter is 17 wks pregnant and wanted to know the gender of her baby but only had so much money We were very heartbroken and so upset that my daughter spent her 120.00 on the ultrasound on the left which included a dvd and pics in which after the ultrsound was done we were told by the ultrasound tech that the owner left no ink for her to print us pics that was included in the package my daughter purchased therefore she would send them to her email to print out herself plus we drove 1 1/2 hrs to get the ultrasound done and after the very rude and unfriendly atmosphere and horrible ultasound images after having 4 children myself and seeing ultrasound images at 14 weeks and up i knew something wasnt right i had myself , husband and 15 yr old son sitting in the room waiting to see this baby in my daughter belly as we set in the room in shock looking at each other wondering what in the world we were looking at on this screen while the tech was pointing this is an arm this is head etc and not even sure of what the gender so upset i left the room and contacted the owner i was told by the owner i had to have a degree to know what i was looking at ! Infantsee you have done 3 out of my 4 childrens ultrasounds with packages including 2 ultrasound sessions each plus tons of other stuff my children are now 15 yrs old 6 yrs old and 3 yrs old a lesson was learned here and im hoping to let everyone else know that you get what you pay for ! I will continue and continue to recommend everyone to Infantsee4D Maria you are amazing the min you walk in Infantsee4D you feel like you are at home very warming welcome and friendly atmosphere. We would like to Thank you Very Very much for the very very clear ultrasound on the rt done less then 24 hrs later on sat as everyone can see you do NOT need a degree to see the beautiful baby inside of you these competitors are only out to take your money ! From going on friday and seeing the heartbreak we all had from the experience in the pic on the left to the laughs and tears of joy from the pic on the right less then 24 hrs apart and being able to find out my daughter is having my first GRANDSON . Again you get what you pay for people it is clear in the ultrasound images above take a look for yourself and dont settle for anything less then you deserve and thats the wonderful experience you will receive from Infantsee4D who has done 3 of my 4 childrens ultrasounds and now my 21yr old daughters Thank you very much Infantsee4D for making these wonderful memories for my family to cherish . Blessings,