PregnantSEE is conveniently located in Fairfax, closed to my work, so I was able to go see Maria during my lunch hour, I didnt even miss any work. I wasnt sure what to expect from the scan, but it surpassed any hopes I had! Firstly, the office is beautifully decorated and so comfortable. It was so nice to escape the clinical feeling of normal ultrasounds. The room we used was huge, and had plenty of room for family. The bed is raised, making mom feel like the center of the stage (rightfully so) and the screen is a huge projector, magnifying the wiggling babies. Seeing the babies move around in HD live was nothing short of amazing… it was the first time that I really absorbed the idea of two little humans growing in my womb. It was an emotional site. Maria was just as excited as I was! She put tons of photos for us on the CD, and even printed a few for the baby books!

When I posted the photos on social media and blogs, everyone said the images looked like “prenatal artwork” no one had ever seen this quality of ultrasound, and our babies sure did a good job modeling it! I have several friends I will be sending to Maria! We are already counting down the days until our gender scan so we can see the babies wiggle around again!

I urge everyone to at some point, get a HD Live scan. Its an experience like no other.

Thanks Maria!