Ashley McDonald

I just wanted to drop by and give a HUGE thank you for our appointment yesterday. I really have too many great things to say about you guys. The receptionist was very friendly, the tech was phenomenal, the atmosphere was very comfortable.

I’m only 22wks and wanted to have the gender revealed with our parents. All 6 of us fit very comfortably in the family room. The room was gorgeous on top of that. I had to lay on my side during the ultrasound and there was a monitor I could watch comfortably and still got a great image. The technician, Stavros, couldn’t have been nicer and more informative. Since I wasn’t too far along he gave us the option if splitting our 30min appointment into two 15min ones, for a little extra of course. We weren’t sure, so he gave us a heads up at the 15min mark and we decided to go ahead and split the sessions. Great idea, worth the extra cost. Thank you for the suggestion!

We got great pictures (like they say, make sure you drink your water!!) so many great pictures…and only at 22wks. Our CD is wonderful and our DVD is even better. We decided to ‘splurge’ on the little heart recorder that has our baby’s heartbeat and don’t regret it for a second and I suggest it. It’s great to be able to hear our happy, healthy baby whenever we want.

I can’t recommend this company more; I dont have a single negative thing to say. Our experience was fantastic and we’ll be back again. If we have a second child, I won’t hesitate to come back then as well.

Thank you again for all that you do!