Ben & Jamie N.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for the wonderful experience we had on 12/27. You went above and beyond to make sure we got a clear shot of our little boy. Our session was a Christmas gift for my mother, who lives out of state. She still hasn’t stopped talking about how amazing it was to be able to see her first grandchild three months before he was actually here! As for Ben and I, after struggling for almost two years to conceive our son, we know that he is a miracle. Being able to actually see our miracle was an experience we will never forget. To be able to see that he has his father’s jawline, browline and nose and that he has my lips allowed us to connect to our baby in a way we never thought possible. I get to feel each kick, roll, and all the hiccups which bonds me more and more to this baby. What a blessing for my husband to be able to bond with his first child by watching him stretch, open his mouth and chew on his umbilical cord in 3D! As my husband said as we saw our son’s face on the big screen, “even after four other ultrasounds, this stuff never gets old!” Our 3D/4D session was worth every penny. Thank you again and again!