Charles Murphy

Really Cool Experience! My wife was telling me about this 3D ultrasound place since we went for the diagnostic. At the doctors, they couldn’t tell the gender of the baby and we were both eager to know. I personally thought this was going to be the same scenario. Them telling me “Sorry we can’t tell either”, or that it would be a waste of our time and gas. Let me tell you, I was flat out wrong. For one thing, the technicians are fabulous. They actually had two different ones scan my wife, just because we managed to get there in between shifts. They both were friendly, and descriptive and thorough. I was really impressed. On the other hand, it was so comfortable and my wife loved it the whole time, it made me happy seeing her shine the way she did. Our baby girl, was covering her face at times and turning her head, but when she finally came through it took my breath away. The pictures had me speechless. I gripped my wifes hand and we both laughed at our little angels gestures. At one point it even looked like she smiled. For any daddies out there, who are hesitant about spending the money on this, I don’t blame you.. but.. it was really something else. Far beyond what I expected. This place is really great, definitely not another gimmick, and very professional. I wanted to show my appreciation for such a good job. Very nice place,top notch customer service,awesome pics,happy wife & daddy too= Thumbs up!