InfantSee 4D Customer

To whom it may concern: I wanted to take a moment to write about my (and my husband’s) experience on Tuesday at your office. We found your office to be very nice (even the bathrooms) and very professional with state of the art technology. Our technician, Maria was amazing. She had the most positive demeanor and explained what we were looking at during every frame. What Maria didn’t know is that, I never planned on being a mother. I have had a hard time dealing with being pregnant. Maria’s excitement about what the baby was doing was contagious. After we left our appointment I felt excited. Later that day I felt even more excited. By the following day I realized that I am now VERY excited and looking forward to meeting this baby. Maria (along with your technology) helped me see that I have a real precious life growing within me and for that, I am thankful.

Sometimes people touch your lives without them ever knowing it and I wanted to write to let whomever reads this know what a great experience we had.

I would most definitely recommend your services to other and appreciate the opportunity you offer on Tuesdays to make it a little more affordable (because becoming a parent causes a lot of financial anxiety).