J Slack

We absolutely LOVE this place!! We went here with our 18 month old and found out that we were having a boy. We received EXCELLENT customer service, and so we knew that we just had to go back to them to find out the gender with this pregnancy as well. We sure got more than we bargained for when not only did we find out the gender, but we found out that we were expecting TWINS!! I’m so glad that we got to see our twin boys, AND that we knew that we could trust the professional staff here to tell us the gender of our little ones way ahead of our anatomy scan.
Thank you guys for giving us the much needed extra time to prepare for our twin boys, and for giving us such perfect glimpses of them so early on!! Thank you for having the sweetest staff to share this special moment with us! What a way to spend New Years Eve!

If anyone is undecided about purchasing a package, I would definitely recommend that you do. It’s such a special experience that I promise you will never regret!