boy at 16w3dMy husband and I were excited and really eager to find out the gender of the baby, so we scheduled an appointment with 3Dand4D in Fairfax, VA for an elective ultrasound when I was just past my 16-week mark. The pricing was decent and we received an “on-the-spot discount” for our next appointment too! Our ultrasound tech was Maria and she was more than wonderful – she made our day and the event absolutely wonderful. We were taken into a room that was designed to be extra cozy and homey with couches and a bed. The pregnant mother gets to climb atop this bed that was placed like a throne – which may sound weird but it was awesome and very comfortable. Forget about the lab/hospital beds, this place has a real bed (with lined paper for sanitation) and pillows! Thanks Maria and 3Dand4D for making it such a wonderful experience and we look forward to coming back with our families at our 26+ weeks appointment!