I can not thank you enough for all you did for my family and I. I came to you because my husband is in the Air Force and has not been present through out my pregnancy. We hoped to get him a ultrasound to watch and a few pictures. However our son Xander refused to wake up for the whole hour scan. He remained in a boxer pose and hid his face throughout. You all worked with me nonstop to no avail. I was so surprised though when you told me to call and we would try again. I thought that perhaps a few minutes would be the try again. When I returned a week later wouldn’t you know that Xander was hiding again. For the next hour we worked at moving him again. Jiggle, shake, light, and sound seemed to have no effect. Your persistence is all that finally produced the peek we had been waiting for. My husband got to see his son thousands of miles from home and I can not tell you what that meant to him. I was so surprised by the care and service me and my family were given. From the extra time, to the attention to explaining things, to my mother and seventy-six year old grandmother. Your consideration and service was the best gift anyone has given me to date for this baby. Thank you so much. I will include your pamphlet in all my shower gifts. Every mother should have that chance. Regards,