My husband and I have been to PregnantSEE twice now; once on Nov. 2009 for my son, and again on Mar. 2013 for my second baby (due this upcoming July). Both visits have been great! Maria Christopoulos performed the recent ultrasound for us, and she was so pleasant to work with. She instantly made my family (my husband and son were present) and I feel so welcome. This is in stark contrast to the diagnostic ultrasound visit (performed at a Kaiser office) I had performed several weeks prior. My husband and son were denied the opportunity to accompany me during the ultrasound, despite the fact that I was specifically told by my OB that my son could attend as long as he was accompanied by an adult. The Kaiser ultrasound technologist was rude and argumentative, and needless to say, I was devastated and saddened that they ruined an occasion my family and I were looking forward to for so long. The PregnantSEE was everything that appointment was not: welcoming, professional, and pleasant. Maria understood how special this visit is for the ENTIRE family, and I thank her for that. I would highly recommend PregnantSEE to friends. Many thanks!