Michele and Peter

Maria, Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed our second ultrasound with you. Yet again, you made it so memorable and amazing. Of course, we both cried but that is because you brought our little girl to us in the most special way. We have spent hours watching her smile and stick her tongue out and hold her toes and chew her hand and umbilical cord. The list goes on…Your enthusiasm is contagious and all three of the children had a wonderful time watching little Eden Lily play in her mom’s tummy! Peter is at a huge conference next week, with IBM, and plans to play her 3D/D4 on the big screen! We have fallen in love with her through you and your amazing skills to capture our most precious gift. We are so grateful to you. Thank you for making our bonding complete and for allowing us to love our daughter and know her before she is even born. Our kindest regards,