Nick Saltamanikas

niko testMy wife and I are expecting our first child in less than 2 months. We’ve had countless sonograms, in doctor’s offices, in the hospital and at the affiliated ultrasound facility including a few “3D” versions. I use quotes because they just didn’t look very good and the technicians had no interest in doing them at all or when they did in trying to get a good picture. In fact we joked all through the pregnancy about our little “alien” because of the way these ultrasounds made the baby look. I’d hear things like “There’s the nose or there’s the mouth”…WHERE?? I saw mostly lighter and darker shadows. I was very disconnected from both the baby and the pregnancy in general and just wasn’t that excited (or as excited as I thought I should be). Then we discovered PregnantSEE and that all changed. I SAW MY DAUGHTER!! I saw my nose, my cheeks, my wife’s lips and ears and she looked REAL. It was an incredibly moving experience for me because I finally got to connect with her in a way I hadn’t up until that point. I’ve cried twice during this pregnancy, once when I found out we were having a baby then when I saw my daughter moving around on a HUGE screen in front of me. There she was in color wiggling around smiling, sticking her tongue out, yawning, sucking on her toes and fingers, it was incredible. We’ve now got a video and plenty of photos for the rest of the family to see and for her to watch when she’s older. The facility is fantastic, they obviously have fantastic, state-of-the-art facility equipment and the viewing room is like a luxury hotel. There’s a huge projection screen, a nice big couch and of course a comfy bed for mommy. I just can’t say enough about the experience. Thanks for everything!