Rosa M.

imageTy millions PregnantSEE. I’ve had this thermal photo sitting on my dresser for two years. I’m going to have to retrieve the 3D 4D CD. I just want to let you know it looks exactly like my daughter. I tell everyone pregnant I know that pricing should never never stop anyone from choosing you guys. The quality and atmosphere at your facility is by far better than anyone else’s I’ve researched, including friends that went elsewhere and ended up spending more money to come to you anyway. Cheating on you guys is like cheating on your hairstylist. You go somewhere else, you regret it, and you come back to where you should’ve gone to begin with so that they fix the problem:). I nurse this baby and it’s so interesting to see where the placenta is on that side of her cheek because that’s the side she likes to lay on my chest when feeding. I’ve given you a picture with her bottle instead :-)
I cherish the 30 minutes we spent for our 3D/4D ultrasound session and we look forward to coming back with more kids.