Sarah Pynduss

Good afternoon! My husband I came on July 5 to do an early-gender screening. Our tech was Maria and she was magnificent!

When I walked into our room, I was surprised on how beautiful and comfortable everything was. I even asked if we were in the right room because I couldn’t believe how perfect everything really was; from the lighting, to the music, to the comfortable atmosphere in general.

Maria not only reassured us of her experience in screening for gender, she even gave us the chance to see several angles to ensure we felt positive about her finding that we are having a baby girl. She was very easy to talk and we both felt very comfortable asking her questions.

I am so glad we did this and so thankful we chose your company! I was very skeptical before the appointment and ended up leaving incredibly impressed and thankful that my husband chose your company for us to experience this very important moment in our life.

Thank you for giving us this memory and we cannot wait to come back when I am further along to see our little girl in 3D! We have told all our friends about your company and intend to spread the word!