The Vontzes

This is our first baby, and with all the crazy expenses that come with a baby we weren’t sure we should splurge on something (some would say), non-essential, like a bonus ultrasound. HOWEVER, we decided to choose a Christmas experience versus buying each other a bunch of stuff, and, we whole heartedly, enthusiastically recommend everyone to soak up such a tremendous opportunity!!! Honestly, don’t miss out! The entire experience was delightful… and Stavros and Maria made everything so special with the non-clinical atmosphere (with subtle touches like the music, candles and a comfy bed on a platform for moms and an enormous screen so our loved ones could take in grandbaby TV without a need for glasses! There are backup screens to the left and right of the bed for when the moms need to switch positions so they can get a better view of the baby (which I personally ap-preciated because I experienced one ultrasound spent facing away from the lone screen!). The experience was magical for us and we are soo happy we opted for the CD and DVD package! (Go for it folks!) We’ve already watched the DVD twice since we came home and the CD and website photos are such a treat for our out of state loved ones to share. With all practical aspects of preparing for a baby we would have to agree this is just as much of a MUST as the baby prep classes and so much more rewarding to share with your loved ones! Thank You for Everything!