Alyssa & Alex Stepanov

alyssa 1Maria, you were awesome. You truly made our experience one of a kind. As exciting as the news was to find out the sex of our baby, your comments and playful attitude made us smile. From my previous experience in Canada, where my husband is not welcome into the ultrasound room until the tech has completed their job! and it is a more cut and dry experience, with only the occasional glance at the monitor because they face it away from you… this was superb. You explained everything in detail and it shows how passionate you are about these expectant mothers. I just wish this type of experience was available in more places around the world. All mothers-to-be deserve to have that one of a kind experience. To the tasteful décor, and an at home like feeling. Much better than a doctors office. Keep doing what you ladies do! Our memories will be cherished forever.
Thank you