Last Sunday, October 26 I had my gender determination ultrasound at 16 weeks gestation. I cannot thank your office enough for making it the absolute best experience possible! I was not an easy client, I changed my appointment maybe 3 times, but the staff was always patient and helpful. I had never been to the office and upon arriving I was delighted that the space was so beautiful and the environment was just perfect. Thank you for even considering that we might be with young children and having a space for them to play and not become restless (that was a big help). I had my ultrasound in the family room which was incredibly comfortable with seating for everyone (and again toys for my nephew to stay entertained). My whole family was impressed with the facility, decor, comfort and the team of people we worked with. My ultrasound tech did an amazing job identifying everything for us and giving us an enjoyable, as well as emotional, experience. I look forward to returning for the next set of 3d ultrasound images. I almost did not get 3d for this visit, I am so grateful that we did though! Those images struck my heart. Thank you again, to the whole team, for this unforgettable experience. Management has done an above-and-beyond job at hiring a great team and setting up a beautiful space for families to comfortably enjoy.
Thank you so much!