Caitlin, Rob, and Baby Jack

Coming to your facility was, hands down, the BEST decision ever! I’d read some amazing reviews about how comfortable to office was, and how amazing all the staff were, so I felt fairly confident coming in that we’d have a great experience. We walked into this beautiful lobby, with a fabulous waiting area that was decorated with comfort and elegance in mind. The two young ladies at the front counter were cheerful, helpful, and seemed to be just as excited as we were about finding out the gender of our little peanut. We were coming for a 14 week early 2D gender reveal, and thought maybe the HD 4D option would guarantee we could see baby better. The ladies helped up upgrade our package seamlessly. We didn’t wait for more than 5 minutes, they were so prompt, respecting everyone’s time. We walked into the viewing room and were STUNNED with how amazing it was. This room was decorated and furnished better than any bedroom I’ve EVER had! It was just my hubby and I, but there was room for the whole family to sit on plush couches. Lights were dimmed, music playing, fameless candles… was awesome. Maria was the most genuine, excited woman I’ve met in a long time. She got right down to business with finding baby, explaining exactly what we were seeing, playfully talking to the baby, making us feel so excited. She was able to see we were having a BIG boy, but took the time to get many different angles to be sure. She found that the HD wasn’t really producing much for us, and explained it, so we stuck mainly to 2D. She had us laughing, smiling, enjoying every minute of seeing our son wiggle around and play with us. When it was all done, she came right up to the front and had our upgraded package refunded to the original 2D price since the HD wasn’t beneficial to us this day. Let me tell you, this was probably the BEST part for me. It showed how honest and caring this place was, to allow us to refund our money for something we couldn’t have been sure would work. That spoke volumes! And right before Christmas?? THANK YOU!! We will definitely be back in a few months to see our baby with bigger features. We can’t wait! Thank you so much!!