Cara Hughes

I would highly recommend anyone who is expecting to come experience the 4D. I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect, but left with huge smiles and a feeling of excitement but also relief. Once we walked in, the office was decorated so nicely and had a homely feeling to it. They greeted us, signed us in and we signed our papers. They had before and after pictures posted on the walls for us to look at. They were very quick at getting us in on time. Once in the room, again everything was decorated so that I was comfortable. The technician was great! He was so friendly and was great to work with. We were further along in the pregnancy so they had suggested the 30 minute session over the 15 minutes. No matter how far along I am next time, I will still do the 30 minutes it was amazing. To see my baby’s face was a feeling I can’t describe. Then seeing his reactions to different positions they had me lay in was priceless. We got some fantastic pictures of him smiling, sucking his thumb, pouting and even playing with his umbilical cord. Someone had highly recommended this to me as I am to anyone who is even curious. I can’t wait until my baby is born to see him and compare the pictures. Someone asked me why I didn’t want to be surprised during labor. No matter what the birth of my child will be the best moment of my life. However, seeing him in 4D I felt so much closer and a stronger connection to him.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. My husband and I are thrilled and enjoyed this experience.