Number of Daily Appointments Now Limited
Safety & Sterility TOP PRIORITY
Private Office Access from Outside
No Sick Clients & Family Members Only

In light of world affairs, we are making a few changes to our process for appointments. PregnantSee Inc. is vigilantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation around the clock and have put precautions in place to ensure the safety of our guests is our TOP Priority.

  • It is important to note that we are a very small private company and have LIMITED the number of clients we see on a daily basis.  Our facility is not situated in a hospital, or medical facility that is exposed to the traffic of hundreds or thousands of people.  We are not a Drs. Office and we DO NOT see sick patients.  Our client base is healthy pregnant woman. We ask that you too, Limit the number of guests that you bring.  Arrangements must be made in advance if you are bringing more than 3 guests.
  • We have recently moved and now have our own private suite, with it’s own individual entrance and exit where you enter directly into our suite from the outside without having to go through a building where mass population others has been.  Again, we are a small private company and not a busy public office.
  • We work diligently all day to sanitize and clean all surfaces, counter tops, tabletops, handles/knobs, bathroom, pens, clipboards, exam beds and even seating in order to maintain a safe, healthy, and pleasant environment before and after each customer visit. We take tremendous pride from feedback and customer testimonials for how clean our facility is and the condition customers always found our place to be in.
  • Our by appointment only model means there are only a certain amount of available time slots and spaces per day we accept clients, limiting the number of people moving in and out of our office. We have also reduced the number of clients we take and added extra space between appointments to continue to sanitize not only on a daily and hourly basis, but between clients.
  • We are not seeing patients or customers that are ill or suffering from ailments, as we are not a medical facility handling medical patients.  Our services are elective and NON Diagnostic.
  • As a further consideration we kindly ask that you reduce any likelihood of further exposure, by limiting the amount of people or parties attending with you, to ensure the safest possible experience for all. Please keep in mind you also now have the option of recording the entire session on media such as DVD or USB memory sticks to share with extended family or social media.
  • You may wait in your car. If it makes you more comfortable and you would like to wait in your vehicle until the exam room is ready for you, simply call our office upon arrival and let us know if you would like to wait in your vehicle.  We will let you know when the room has been cleaned and ready for you to walk straight in and avoid waiting in the lobby. 703-537-0410.

PregnantSee Inc. is a family establishment and in the industry for over 15 years. Our CEO Maria has 5 children of her own and understands your concerns. We have gone through great efforts to continue to make sure we are very well prepared from a sterility perspective and unlike other public facilities, our private clients have access to gloves, alcohol, sanitizers, soaps, disinfectants, toiletries and more during their appointments with us.

If you have an upcoming appointment with us, or would like to schedule one, you can do so with confidence. We want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to promote a safe and secure experience for you, baby and your family during this precious once in a lifetime ultrasound experience.

If you have any additional questions or specific requests, please do not hesitate to contact me directly or please text me personally at 703-209-2544.