Tremendous Tuesday Special

10am-2pm on Tuesdays Only

You absolutely must mention this special when scheduling. Hurry, we’re booking fast! This offer is by appointment only and limited to available time slots. You must call 703-537-0410 to schedule and mention this offer.

  • Gender: $75 for a 1X visit or only $39 when you pre-purchase your future 3D/4D to see baby bigger.
    Extra Bonus: CD/DVD $35 each (includes free glimpse in 3D/4D!)
  • Under 26 Weeks: 10 min 3D/4D session includes Free Gender, CD, DVD, and wallet prints $149 OR 30 Min $199.
    *Patients who reserve this under 26 week promo, YET are over 26 weeks, will be charged $175 at time of visit NOT $149
  • Over 26 Weeks: 30 min 3D/4D session includes Free Gender, CD, DVD, and wallet prints $199 ($96 savings).

Extra Bonus: Book a 2nd 3D/4D session to see baby grow for only $75 for a weekday appointment from 10am-8pm!
(must pre-purchase during time of first visit)

HeartBeat Session $39 or $75

Schedule at 14 weeks or more after viability of pregnancy has been confirmed by your doctor.

  • Quick visit to hear and see your Baby’s heartbeat and what baby is doing
  • Free Thermal Prints
  • Add the Custom Heart with your baby’s heartbeat for ONLY $15
  • Add a CD of images or DVD video for ONLY $35
  • Return Visit to confirm gender ONLY $75 if paid during this visit
  • Prepay for your future 3D/4D visit and this session is only $39

2D Gender Determination $39 or $99

(select option #1 or #2)

  • Ultrasound session in 2D scheduled at 16+ weeks
  • Guaranteed gender confirmation even if baby is being difficult
  • Thermal prints
  • Add the Custom Heart with your baby’s heartbeat for ONLY $15
  • Add a CD of images or DVD video for ONLY $35


Option 1: $39

Additional 3D/4D package purchase required. Prepay for your future 3D/4D package on the day of your 2D Gender appointment and this session will only be $39!



Option 2: $99

One-time 2D Gender Visit
No additional purchase required.


The $175 Special

A popular package for babies under 26 weeks, or anytime you want to get a glimpse at what baby is doing live in the womb with 3D/4D technology.

  • 15 minute 3D/4D Ultrasound Session
  • CD loaded with 3D still .jpg images so that you can email, print, facebook etc
  • Free DVD video with 15 min live footage that you may also replicate
  • Free Wallet prints (4) and thermal prints
  • Free Gender Confirmation
  • $50.00 OFF any regular package on your second visit with this pregnancy
  • $75 UPGRADE to a 30 min session giving you Double the video, Double the Pic, Wallet prints, FREE HEARTBEAT and more importantly double the time for baby to show you more! Arrangements must be made in advance when booking appt to verify availability WONDERFUL SAVINGS! (UPGRADE NORMALLY $120)
  • Extra Bonus ~ prepay your second session and get everything in the $175 special for only $99 or if you selected the above upgrade an entire other visit would be ONLY $45

Platinum 3D/4D $249

Platinum Ultrasound Package
Most popular package for baby 26+ weeks or if you are planning on bringing guests to your session with you. At this stage baby is naturally bigger, napping, facing the spine, arms and legs in the way but now detailed enough to see features. So this session allots for the appropriate amount of time for baby to show you more and for the family to enjoy as well.

  • 30 minute 3D/4D ultrasound session
  • CD loaded with 3D still .jpg images so that you can email, print, facebook etc
  • DVD video with 30 min LIVE footage that you may also replicate for family
  • Limited Diagnostics (placenta location, heart rate, position of baby)
  • Free Wallet prints (8) and thermal prints
  • Free Gender Confirmation
  • Free Custom Heart with your baby’s heartbeat recorded inside
  • Free Viacord Blood Banking Discount
  • Free Gift from Suna Lee Photography (see at right)

Twice is Nicer 2-Visits $295

Our Double Platinum package provides you with the very best opportunity to capture 3D images and live 4D video twice throughout your pregnancy. You will get to see baby during 2 totally different gestational ages so that you can see how much the baby has grown and developed over time. To see that difference we recommend that your visits are at least 4 weeks apart. The second visit is generally completed prior to 34 weeks for maximum results. The Double Platinum package includes everything the Platinum session comes with (Hearts not included), but you come twice. Must bring original CD from first session so that we can add the 2nd session 3D images.

[box title=”Important Information”]

  • Gender Determination Packages: Gender sessions are performed at the same low price any day during the week as well as weekends. On Saturdays & Sundays, 2D sessions are performed in our standard size exam room and can accommodate up to 3 additional guests. On weekends, you have the option to reserve our family sized theater scanning room for an additional $29. This room can accommodate a maximum of 10 guests; Room reservation must be made prior to your appointment date. On weekdays, ALL sessions, including gender, are performed in our larger family sized exam room!
  • Discounted specials cannot be combined with other coupons or gift cards.
  • Second Visits: Payment for second visit must be made during your first appointment and is non-refundable and non-transferable. You must bring your CD back to the next session to avoid a $35 charge for an additional CD of images.
  • Please call to verify eligibility of any coupon or discount offer.
  • Cancellation policy: Please allow us 48 hours for all cancellations.
  • No-Show policy: All “no shows” will be billed a one time $50 charge.
  • Return Visits: Appointments for return visits must be made during the week (Tuesday – Friday). Return visits may not be scheduled on weekends. For multi-visit packages, only one weekend appointment is allowed. If we permitted multiple visits on weekends we would be booked so far in advance that you would likely not be able to get even one appointment.
  • Refund Policy: There are no refunds on services rendered or pre-purchased sessions. Remember, you are paying to see whatever baby is showing you live in his/her environment during your session. Any CDs will be replaced upon immediate receipt of defective CD. Uncooperative gender sessions are invited back at no additional fee. If baby is showing absolutely nothing during the first 5-10 min, mommy has an option to stop the session and complete the remaining portion at a later date. Hydration is key to clarity. Review our Q&A section for further details on a successful session.


Mouseover this coupon to hear an actual recording!


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