"That’s Insane"

"I’ve never seen anything like this!"

"I’d pay twice as much for this"

"This is Unbelievable"

"Pictures do this NO justice"

"Is this real?"


"I am speechless"

Shallon S.

image11333132613The technology + your techniques worked perfectly to get this shot.  It’s amazing!  Thank you.

Daryl Steffens

I just wanted to take a minute to reach out and say THANK YOU for everything on Saturday.

It was my birthday on Sunday and after a little bit of let down during my doctor’s appointment ultrasound/ sonogram when baby didn’t cooperate, this was the best birthday gift I could have ever received. My parents (baby’s grandparents) were able to sit in the room and be a part of this experience, and this was such a gift for them, as well.

I want to thank all the staff members for working with me and accommodating my specific needs (I didn’t want to know gender, but my parents did!). Everyone was patient with my questions, and I felt so celebrated when I was at your facility.

I will be looking into coming back as I get further along in my pregnancy for a follow-up session.

Thank you!

Nikki and Nick

Hi Maria,
It’s Nick and Nikki, we saw you yesterday for our 11:45 gender appointment. Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful experience! You were so accommodating and excited for us it made it all the more special! We really appreciated your positive attitude and enthusiasm! Thank you again it was a great experience all around!

Liza and baby


You guys did an amazing job with our ultrasound at 33 weeks. Here is a picture just a few minutes after birth:)

Jeremy & Alyssa

BabyWe went here to have an HD ultrasound done at 37 weeks, even though many people told us not to do it. they said “shes too far along, you won’t get any photos” or “at 37 weeks, they won’t guarantee anything aside from a squished baby face”. now, understand we went through a lot of preparation to help the machine to its job and to help the clarity of the photos. our son was also very active by happenstance. so, there were many things that just happened to go in our favor. the sonographer (Maria) also was baffled by the clarity of the photos. she told us she rarely ever sees photos turn out like ours did this far into the pregnancy. now, aside from our preparation, i have to say, we were absolutely amazed with how wonderful maria was. she was enthusiastic, she was outgoing, she kept talking and kept making us feel welcome and at home the whole time we were there. she was also remarkably skilled. she knew what ways to position my girlfriend (it reminded me of some yoga, being done laying down) to get better pictures of our son. hands down, we will never go see anyone else for another HD sonogram. Maria by far is the best around this area, and arguably the best we could’ve ever found. I highly, highly recommend this place. it will give you an experience you’ll never forget. Thanks again so much maria!


Baby1Thanks. Y’all did an amazing job. I really got to see my angel before he was born. Thank you for the sneak peek. ☺

Sina Reangber

March TestimonialI was in on Sunday for my ultrasound and the staff was super. My technician, Stavros was great. He was very friendly yet professional and made you feel comfortable. The front desk people were very sweet and caring. I am sorry I don’t remember their names but the were very nice. The office was clean and welcoming. The ultrasound room was really nice also. I was very happy with the staff and the facility and would recommend you guys to my friends and family. It was great.

Becky, Javi, and Baby Grayson Perez

We were so happy with our experience at PregnantSEE Ultrasound. The staff was great and made us feel comfortable from the minute we walked in to the office. We were amazed at how clear the live feed of our baby was. We could see him hiccuping, opening his eyes, and sucking his fingers! It made us feel so much closer to him! Additionally, our baby looks almost identical to the HD and HDLIVE pictures we received. I would definitely recommend this office and the whole process to any new moms/dads that are considering getting a 4D ultrasound!!

Jessica Sferrella

Thank you so much for doing our ultrasound yesterday! This is our 3rd baby and BY FAR the best ultrasound we’ve ever had!
Maria is absolutely amazing and my whole family couldn’t stop talking about how special she made our visit. Can’t wait to come back for our 30 week appointment!

Traci and Elliott Smith

We had the most amazing visit for our early gender reveal!  Y’all were willing to stay for an after hours appointment, and everyone there was incredibly friendly.  When we got there, everything was so nice, and it was a very comfortable space.   Our tech, Stavros, was super patient and explained everything to us.  Our baby wasn’t cooperating and was taking a nap, but Stavros did not give up!  He was finally able to tell us that we are expecting a GIRL!  We were super happy with everything there! Thank y’all!