"That’s Insane"

"I’ve never seen anything like this!"

"I’d pay twice as much for this"

"This is Unbelievable"

"Pictures do this NO justice"

"Is this real?"


"I am speechless"

Michele and Peter

Maria, Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed our second ultrasound with you. Yet again, you made it so memorable and amazing. Of course, we both cried but that is because you brought our little girl to us in the most special way. We have spent hours watching her smile and stick her tongue out and hold her toes and chew her hand and umbilical cord. The list goes on…Your enthusiasm is contagious and all three of the children had a wonderful time watching little Eden Lily play in her mom’s tummy! Peter is at a huge conference next week, with IBM, and plans to play her 3D/D4 on the big screen! We have fallen in love with her through you and your amazing skills to capture our most precious gift. We are so grateful to you. Thank you for making our bonding complete and for allowing us to love our daughter and know her before she is even born. Our kindest regards,


Hi Maria, I had Kaylee on Aug.4,2011. I was late she was due July 26,2011. But I was so happy you were right about the gender. I want to thank you for being so nice and friendly. I wouldn’t of wanted to go to any other place for my ultrasounds. Here are the pictures. Thank you!

Barbara L. C.

Thank you for the gift certificate and I have someone who would love your services. By the way I never did give you the extra thanks for the most memorable moments of our pregnancy with our little guy. I am raving about you to all I know who are expecting. Warmest Regards,

Evelyn Turner

Thank you again for this amazing experience and keep doing what you do because you are very good at it :)

Ashley & Andrew Hoffmann

I have been to your facility for both my last pregnancy and once for this pregnancy. We have been extremely pleased every time we have came. Your facility is very clean and cozy. The rooms are really nice with plenty of room for family. The staff is always very kind and courteous and takes their time to insure you get great pictures. We were also really pleased with how well they catered to my 3 year old daughter. They had lots of toys and activities to keep her busy and they didn’t seemed bothered she was there. I have recommended them before and would over and over again. An A+++ experience. We can’t wait to come back!

Kristin Aguilar

Thank you Maria.  We had a blast and you have such an incredible presence.

Carmen Jones-Boggan

I went to have my sonogram at 34 weeks and I was afraid I wouldn’t get great pictures because at this stage of gestation, they don’t have much room in there. I went the first time, and I didn’t drink the required amount of water, so it was difficult. I came back 4 days later after drinking like a fish for 3 days straight, and OH MY GOSH! The water definitely helped. My pictures the second time were a million times better and clearer. Maria was extremely friendly and respected my wishes in keeping the gender of my little one a mystery. I would recommend her. I actually can’t wait to show my OB tomorrow the clarity of the pictures. Ladies, if you want amazing images, drink your 64 oz. of water before the appointment.

Julie Gurney

Hi Maria, We really loved this experience.  From the push “viewing room” to the giant screen and plenty of seating, it was comfortable and welcoming all around.  Your kindness and enthusiasm really made the experience.  We are so glad we did this and can now start thinking of our baby as our little girl.  I would recommend this to any pregnant woman I know!  Thanks again,

Christy Nagel

From the moment we got there, we were comfortable. I was beyond nervous and Maria immediately made me feel comfortable.  The office is warm, charming, with plenty of room. We had quite a few people with us- me, my husband, my sister, brother in law, nephew, my parents, my husband’s mother, father, and stepmother came too! Needless to say we were a crowd.  It was so nice to have them all there to experience our good news! Maria made me feel comfortable and calm.  She was excited and engaged everyone in the room! I would recommend this place to anyone!!!!!!! We are thrilled with our little boy and love the pictures! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sarah Wallace

This is Sarah Wallace and I had a gender reveal appt. with you last Friday and my sister, Megan, came along.I wanted to send along a huge THANK YOU for ALL you did for us!! You made my entire family’s Christmas morning! We all went nuts when we opened the blue booties, saw the boy revealing pictures and got to listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Thank you so much for throwing the heartbeat in there. It added to our awesome experience as you can imagine! Thank you for your generosity and professionalism. My entire family (especially my husband and I) appreciated all you did so much.I hope you and your family had a blessed and wonderful Christmas, Maria!  Thanks again,