"That’s Insane"

"I’ve never seen anything like this!"

"I’d pay twice as much for this"

"This is Unbelievable"

"Pictures do this NO justice"

"Is this real?"


"I am speechless"

Cara Hughes

I would highly recommend anyone who is expecting to come experience the 4D. I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect, but left with huge smiles and a feeling of excitement but also relief. Once we walked in, the office was decorated so nicely and had a homely feeling to it. They greeted us, signed us in and we signed our papers. They had before and after pictures posted on the walls for us to look at. They were very quick at getting us in on time. Once in the room, again everything was decorated so that I was comfortable. The technician was great! He was so friendly and was great to work with. We were further along in the pregnancy so they had suggested the 30 minute session over the 15 minutes. No matter how far along I am next time, I will still do the 30 minutes it was amazing. To see my baby’s face was a feeling I can’t describe. Then seeing his reactions to different positions they had me lay in was priceless. We got some fantastic pictures of him smiling, sucking his thumb, pouting and even playing with his umbilical cord. Someone had highly recommended this to me as I am to anyone who is even curious. I can’t wait until my baby is born to see him and compare the pictures. Someone asked me why I didn’t want to be surprised during labor. No matter what the birth of my child will be the best moment of my life. However, seeing him in 4D I felt so much closer and a stronger connection to him.

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. My husband and I are thrilled and enjoyed this experience.

Caitlin, Rob, and Baby Jack

Coming to your facility was, hands down, the BEST decision ever! I’d read some amazing reviews about how comfortable to office was, and how amazing all the staff were, so I felt fairly confident coming in that we’d have a great experience. We walked into this beautiful lobby, with a fabulous waiting area that was decorated with comfort and elegance in mind. The two young ladies at the front counter were cheerful, helpful, and seemed to be just as excited as we were about finding out the gender of our little peanut. We were coming for a 14 week early 2D gender reveal, and thought maybe the HD 4D option would guarantee we could see baby better. The ladies helped up upgrade our package seamlessly. We didn’t wait for more than 5 minutes, they were so prompt, respecting everyone’s time. We walked into the viewing room and were STUNNED with how amazing it was. This room was decorated and furnished better than any bedroom I’ve EVER had! It was just my hubby and I, but there was room for the whole family to sit on plush couches. Lights were dimmed, music playing, fameless candles…..it was awesome. Maria was the most genuine, excited woman I’ve met in a long time. She got right down to business with finding baby, explaining exactly what we were seeing, playfully talking to the baby, making us feel so excited. She was able to see we were having a BIG boy, but took the time to get many different angles to be sure. She found that the HD wasn’t really producing much for us, and explained it, so we stuck mainly to 2D. She had us laughing, smiling, enjoying every minute of seeing our son wiggle around and play with us. When it was all done, she came right up to the front and had our upgraded package refunded to the original 2D price since the HD wasn’t beneficial to us this day. Let me tell you, this was probably the BEST part for me. It showed how honest and caring this place was, to allow us to refund our money for something we couldn’t have been sure would work. That spoke volumes! And right before Christmas?? THANK YOU!! We will definitely be back in a few months to see our baby with bigger features. We can’t wait! Thank you so much!!

Nora Weiss

Dear Maria and Crew,
I am so excited to write this review :) My husband and I came to see ya’ll 2 years ago with our first baby. We came at around 28 weeks for a 3D/4D sono. Our little boy’s 3D/4D sono photo looked identical to when he was born. It was such a wonderful experience that we just couldn’t wait to come back for our second pregnancy. We decided to do our gender reveal with your office as opposed to our Doctor’s office. There is such a relaxed feeling walking in, cozy and comfortable that makes you feel you are being taken care of and pampered while there. The space is beautiful! I love looking at all th pictures on the wall. Everything is so clean!!
We had Maria has our sonographer, she is the BEST! We enjoyed our time so much with her. Our session included the HD Live technology and I have never seen anything so amazing. Our little girl, still so tiny, we were able to see her perfectly. It was such a fun experience. If I can give any mommy advice, it would be to go and have a session done. Whether it is gender reveal or later on when the baby is bigger, or both like us :), it is so worth the money and experience. You will not be dissapointed. We will be back to see Maria around 26 weeks for one more HD session before we meet baby Ella Lucy! Thank you for making these experiences possible.
Nora Weiss

J. and Andrea Ware

Thanks for the great experience today! We absolutely loved it and will recommend it to friends. We loved the facilities, the time you took getting great pictures and views, and your enthusiasm about it all. Thanks again!!

Kara LaRocco

Maria, Our family was thrilled to win the November 2008 savings bond drawing – what a wonderful way to start saving for our little girl’s future. We had a great experience at 3D and 4D Ultrasound. Not only was our session lots of fun, my husband and I have beautiful first pictures of our daughter that we will always treasure. Many thanks for making us feel so at home during our visit!

Beth and Jon K.

To whom it may concern, My husband and I came in last night (Tuesday 10/26) for a 6:30 apt at the Fairfax Medical Center. This was my first experience with a 3D/4D ultrasound and we had such a good experience. The name of the technician who helped us was Maria; She was absolutely wonderful. She definitely made the experience for us. We felt comfortable and never once felt rushed. She clearly made this appointment about us and for us and we really appreciated it. So if you could send out thank again to Maria it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much! And I would definitely feel comfortable recommending your facility to family and friends. Sincerely,

Amanda C.

Hi Maria, I told you I would not forget to send you pics of my little one. My experience at the 3D ultrasounds that I had with you were the best, you made the experience upbeat, positive, and just fun! I can’t thank you enough for the great experience. Your kindness and genuine excitement for me will not be forgotten. I will be recommending all my friends to come see you and if in the future I have another little one I will definitely be back to see you. I had my son on December 1st at 2:55 pm. His name is Tristan Thomas, he weighed 6lbs 4oz and measured 19 inches long. I am attaching some pictures so you can compare to my 3D pics. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season!

Charlotte L.

I am on my 4th pregnancy and 28 weeks pregnant. I had an ultrasound with you with my 3rd pregnancy. With this one we went to another company. That was a mistake. I wish I had gone back with you all. We had a wonderful experience. The sonographer with your company was very friendly and explained what everything was. The one we went to with the other company was not very friendly at all. I just wanted to tell you all how much better your company was. If we have the extra cash and I can talk my husband into it I would like to try and come back to you. One of my co-workers is looking into get an ultrasound done and I will definitely recommend you. Thank You,

Jennifer J.

Hi Maria, You truly made our sonogram so incredibly special and a day we will never forget. My family was so excited to be a part of the experience and I am so happy we came to your location. Thank you for taking extra time with us to get the perfect pictures of Haley. The customer service you provide is over the top and I just want you to know you are appreciated greatly. Take care and I’m sure I will see you again one day for the next baby. PS: One of my girlfriends will also contacting you for her sono. Thank you!!

Patricia G.

Hi Maria, We had our 3D/4D visit with your office last Saturday @ 3:30pm. First of all I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience. From the accommodation of our last minute appointment schedule made on the same day to allowing us more time for our baby to change positions so we can see her face more clearly. It really is such a blessing to be able to get a glimpse of our baby girl now and we’re so much more excited to meeting her personally come May:) Thank you also for all the advice and tips you gave us about cord blood banking; we appreciate it. For Ferdie and I, PregnantSEE Ultrasound is definitely highly recommended!