"That’s Insane"

"I’ve never seen anything like this!"

"I’d pay twice as much for this"

"This is Unbelievable"

"Pictures do this NO justice"

"Is this real?"


"I am speechless"

Maggie and Patrick Carmack

My husband and I are 15 weeks pregnant with our first baby, and yesterday we went to your facility to have our early gender reveal (it’s a BOY!). Everything about our experience was fantastic and exceeded expectations. Stavros was our technician and he was wonderful. He was friendly, enthusiastic, and thorough in explaining what he was doing/what we were seeing during the ultrasound. Everything from the service to the decor was perfect and we will be recommending you to others who may be interested. This was definitely not our last visit to 3D and 4D! We are beyond happy to finally know the gender of our sweet baby and we want to thank you so much for this gift you’ve given us.

Pamela Cargo

Thank you SO much for today!!! Seeing our baby’s face was AMAZING! And Maria, you are simply a GEM!!! We were even more excited to see how ecstatic you were over the images!!! I am recommending you to EVERYONE! I have 8 or 9 pregnant friends and they are all getting a link to your site! Thank you again!

Leah Veeris

0Me and my husband chose Infantsee 4D for our ultra sound gender determination back in 2012 and later at 26 weeks as shown in the picture, with Maria. She was Awesome! The 4D ultrasound was great of our son both times. It’s 2015 and we visited again for our second child and its a Boy!!!

Nick Saltamanikas

niko testMy wife and I are expecting our first child in less than 2 months. We’ve had countless sonograms, in doctor’s offices, in the hospital and at the affiliated ultrasound facility including a few “3D” versions. I use quotes because they just didn’t look very good and the technicians had no interest in doing them at all or when they did in trying to get a good picture. In fact we joked all through the pregnancy about our little “alien” because of the way these ultrasounds made the baby look. I’d hear things like “There’s the nose or there’s the mouth”…WHERE?? I saw mostly lighter and darker shadows. I was very disconnected from both the baby and the pregnancy in general and just wasn’t that excited (or as excited as I thought I should be). Then we discovered PregnantSEE and that all changed. I SAW MY DAUGHTER!! I saw my nose, my cheeks, my wife’s lips and ears and she looked REAL. It was an incredibly moving experience for me because I finally got to connect with her in a way I hadn’t up until that point. I’ve cried twice during this pregnancy, once when I found out we were having a baby then when I saw my daughter moving around on a HUGE screen in front of me. There she was in color wiggling around smiling, sticking her tongue out, yawning, sucking on her toes and fingers, it was incredible. We’ve now got a video and plenty of photos for the rest of the family to see and for her to watch when she’s older. The facility is fantastic, they obviously have fantastic, state-of-the-art facility equipment and the viewing room is like a luxury hotel. There’s a huge projection screen, a nice big couch and of course a comfy bed for mommy. I just can’t say enough about the experience. Thanks for everything!

Haylee and Brian

After coming to PregnantSEE we are officially spoiled. The HD LIVE technology was more than worth the money and we came from an hour away because of your credible reputation. Maria, You were so quick and efficient to convert the image from difficult to understand to an unbelievable rendering in HD of our son. What I quickly understood and took me by surprise was that it wasn’t 100% the technology. There was a huge technical component involved that you deserve credit for. You mastered that machine like a professional pilot with all those knobs and buttons in front of you. To say the least I was impressed. I wanted to let you know we appreciate the beautiful HD Live video, but your technical expertise was astonishing and why this works so well. We will refer many others your way. Thank you and we look forward to meeting our son!

Kaela Kalkhoff

image1Dear Maria, I hope all is well! I just wanted to say thanks again for our AMAZING pictures. My daughter is now 5 months old, but wanted to share some of her before and after pictures of when she was born. It is absolutely amazing! We are wanting more kiddos so when the time comes we will for sure be back!

Izaba Sarabi and Leo Paras

There is so much I can say about PregnantSEE and I hope I can remember them all. From the first moment we spoke on the phone I was immediately so touched that you were willing to see me same day on such a short notice. That meant so much to my husband and I since we were trying to surprise both of our families and that was the only day that everyone was going to be in the same state as one another. As soon as I walked in, I felt all my muscles relax and I felt a sense of comfort ability. Maria was simply the BEST during my visit. She made me feel so excited when she announced we would be expecting a baby girl. Her persona, her attitude, her energy was just such a delight to be around. We know that she has seen a million baby elbows and toes by now but as she pointed each body part out with excitement it made me feel like she cared about my child and I. I wish she was my regular doctor because she is definitely the best there is in the DMV. I would highly recommend her to all my friends and family and I can’t wait to visit her for my next appointment. :)


PregnantSEE is conveniently located in Fairfax, closed to my work, so I was able to go see Maria during my lunch hour, I didnt even miss any work. I wasnt sure what to expect from the scan, but it surpassed any hopes I had! Firstly, the office is beautifully decorated and so comfortable. It was so nice to escape the clinical feeling of normal ultrasounds. The room we used was huge, and had plenty of room for family. The bed is raised, making mom feel like the center of the stage (rightfully so) and the screen is a huge projector, magnifying the wiggling babies. Seeing the babies move around in HD live was nothing short of amazing… it was the first time that I really absorbed the idea of two little humans growing in my womb. It was an emotional site. Maria was just as excited as I was! She put tons of photos for us on the CD, and even printed a few for the baby books!

When I posted the photos on social media and blogs, everyone said the images looked like “prenatal artwork” no one had ever seen this quality of ultrasound, and our babies sure did a good job modeling it! I have several friends I will be sending to Maria! We are already counting down the days until our gender scan so we can see the babies wiggle around again!

I urge everyone to at some point, get a HD Live scan. Its an experience like no other.

Thanks Maria!


twins2 twins1 twinsPregnantSEE is incredible! I first found out about them on DCUrbanMom.com. I was in search of an early gender scan for our twins. We were only 10 weeks along, but I wanted to get scheduled as soon as possible. Several people on DCUrbanMom.com refered me to PregnantSEE. I am so thankful they did! After looking at the website, we decided we wanted to schedule a 14 week gender scan. I was a little in awe that we would be able to find out the genders so soon, so I sent an email just to clarify. Maria promptly responded, and assured me that we would know the genders of our growing twins at 14 weeks. She also happened to be in search of a twin mom in the first trimester, and offered us a free HD Live scan!

Jenny Dillon (14wks)

Jenny Dillon14wksJust wanted to say thank you so much! We were both very impressed with the experience we had today! You were absolutely amazing to work with! So friendly and sweet! I also loved how much time you took to explain everything! Definitely miss that during a doctors appointment! It was an experience I will never forget! Thank you so much for being a part of that!